Peyman Shekhghasemi

Civil engineer

More than 20 years’ experience in design, calculations and construction management in residential and commercials, both Low and High-rise buildings. Certificates in different in different related areas like project management, interior and exterior design, wood, metal and concrete structures designs, inspection courses for soil, concrete, mechanical, electrical and more and a crucial member of My Home Builders.

Maryam Borhanizad

Real Estate Agent

A Realtor in Ottawa and she Helps clients to buy or sell their home, and provides answers to questions on how best to navigate the real estate transaction and a good Single Family Home Builders in Ottawa.. As an experienced REALTOR, she will help you understand the current market conditions, analyze your needs and wants, review your budget and guide you to homes that fit your criteria. skilled in finding suitable properties and lands for investment and construction and can guide you in analyzing the profitability of the construction projects.

Siamak Khalandi

Architect and Interior Designer

Possessing a master of architect with over 15 years of professional expertise in architecting and overseeing diverse architectural projects and landscapes. Proficiency extends across various related domains, including interior and exterior design, sustainable architecture technology, calculation, estimation, and project management.

Afsoun Fateh

Architect and Interior Designer

Holding a Master of Architecture and Technology Innovation Management, along with over 10 years of experience in designing and supervising architectural projects and landscapes. Certificates in various related areas such as interior and exterior design, as well as project management.

Payam Sheykhghasemi

Holding a bachelor of of structural engineer, along with over 15 years of experience in designing and supervising structural projects, coordinator and project management.